Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Completing the switch to eConveyancing

According to this timetable:

By 1 July 2019 all paper Certificates of Titles in NSW will be cancelled.

That is the final milestone in the saga of converting all the title records in NSW
(and integrating it with an Australian wide electronic system).

Other milestones (translated from the LPI original):
  • August 2017 - Banks to lodge mortgage documentation electronically
  • July 2018 - All forms to be electronic
  • October 2018 - Certificates of Titles held by banks will be replaced with eCTs
  • July 2019 - All paper Certificates of Titles in NSW will be cancelled

Our experience so far has been that while we would like to do the conveyance electronically, the solicitors on the other side of the matter seem to find any excuse to do it using the old paper methods.

The most popular button in the electronic process is the "already started the process on paper" button.