Monday, December 2, 2013

Questions you will be asked when you sell property

1. Are there any restrictions on your right (as the registered proprietor) to sell the property and inclusions?
2. Are there any encroachments by or upon the property? (Do your fences and buildings line up with the property boundaries?)
3. Has the construction and use of the improvements made to the property been approved by the responsible authorities and do they comply with their requirements?
4. Are you aware of anything that affects the use of the property that is not immediately apparent to the purchaser on normal inspection?
5. Are there any advices, proposals, enquiries, notices, claims or disputes that might affect the property?

Special questions for strata or community title
1. Has the initial period expired?
2. Are there any proposed resolutions or proposed charges or levies not discoverable by inspection of the books of the owners corporation, the community, and precinct or neighbourhood associations?