Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The millionaire mums and dads

The RP Data list of Australia’s top 25 most expensive suburbs.
NSW has the largest proportion of the most expensive suburbs.

Suburbs that we do conveyancing in are in these positions on the list:
7. Woolwich, NSW - $2.475M
10. Longueville, NSW - $2.31M
17. Mosman, NSW - $2.1M
18. Kirribilli, NSW - $2.088M
19. Clontarf, NSW - $2.075M
20. Balmain East, NSW - $2.073M

The sequence is a bit of a surprise to us.
For the full article see:
*Source: RP Data – numbers rounded to three decimal places

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Renter-investors can live in a rental by the beach and close to work while still owning property.. The capital gains are important.

These buyers have to be sensible about their rents (maybe share wisely with others) and also handle the repayments on their investment loans. One person said to us that they can't afford to buy what they lived in and they would not be able to afford the rent that they charged on the unit they owned.