Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Protecting the beachhouse

New laws from January 2011 may help resolve some of the problems arising from property damage due to rising seas, but the strict conditions applying to protection works will make it very difficult for landholders in emergency conditions.

Coastal erosion has been a longstanding problem for many beachfront properties right across the NSW coastline. It is even more of a concern now that climate change is predicted to result in rising sea levels and increased frequency and ferocity of storms.

The emphasis in the new coastal management laws in NSW is on planning, and local councils will now have to develop plans which deal with the impacts of rising seas, the maintenance of any protection works, and their impact – such as increased beach erosion elsewhere.

Consent will only be given for coastal protection works that do not unreasonably limit public access to a beach or headland and when adequate funding is in place to ensure the works can be restored and maintained.

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