Sunday, September 6, 2009

Buyer's agents

People are quick to get an agent to sell property but slow to use an agent to buy. Buyer's agent have the job of helping people purchase the best property at the lowest price.
They should:
  • develop a target property profile through discussing the client's objectives and preferences;
  • search all potential sources of properties that might fit the target property profile;
  • evaluate properties against the target property profile, making their own investigations of suitable properties and providing their own market appraisal;
  • disclose all relevant information, both positive and negative;
  • advise the client to have appropriate inspections done and have the contract reviewed by a solicitor or conveyancer;
  • develop contract negotiation or bidding strategies with the client;
  • negotiate or bid as per the client's instructions.
For more reasons why to use a buyers agent see this article from the magazine Your Mortgage. How buyers agents work